Tell a Tale du Bois Caïman

dite TINA

Ch Malice Bleue Paparazzi Foxforest Abracadabra

   Ch: Foxforest Last Mohican

Ch Ashbrae Archie
Ch Foxforest Clear to Fly

  Foxforest Fooling Around

Ch  Foxforest Light the Sky
Opinam Gorgo
Malice Bleue Morgane de Toi    Ch : Double Scotch Scots Gaurdsman
Pontbeck Bommy Hinny
Ch : Malice Bleue  Certain Look Denfer Ch Biddestone Pickled Pepper
Malice Bleue Epsily Bird
Only Olivia of the Precious Stone at Bois Caïman Ch Irton Virtuoso Ch Otterkin Lyricist Ch Biddestone picard of Lutrabeck
Ch Otterkin Blue Note
Ch RaeBurnFoot Isla at Irton Ch Another Scott
Borbeck Beta by Irton
Ch Happy Harvest of the Precious Stone Ch Conundrum Sorcerer Ch Conundrum Leveller
Ch Lynsett Yahoo for Conundrum
Ch Eternal Flame of the Precious Stone Ch Wee Blue Rustler
Ch Cindel V. Speedy's Home


tina  tina

tina chien border terrier  border terrier

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